Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We kindly invite you and your children to our international leisure and sports center - OLYMPIC SPORTCENTER, in Mettmann (near Dьsseldorf), Germany.

This center has a many years’ history of sporting events, including tennis.
Our center hosts different sports and health promotion events organized and anchored by highly skilled specialists.

The OLYMPIC SPORTCENTER hosts annually tennis tournaments, including DTB-Tennisturnier mit Ranglistenwertung (Deutscher Tennisbund) and ITF -Future (International Tennis Federation).

Our sports training center admits children who wish to go in for tennis, aged over 10 years. They will have individual physical drills and professional tennis training. They also will have opportunities to take part in training practice sessions and competitions in Germany, as well as in other European countries.

Currently, a tennis club – Olympic Tennis Club e.V. has been registered and functions on the basis of our sports center.

It allows members of our club to participate in national championships of Germany.

Good luck!